Member Profile

by AGHub Admin created 2021-01-19T17:13:33+07:00
Find out how to create your member profile so other members can get to know you.

What is a member profile?

The member profile is a form that collects basic information about registered users of the Asia Garment Hub.


Is the member profile form mandatory?

Filling-out the member profile form is optional.  You may choose to fully, partially, or not provide any additional information.  It does not affect your access to content and features in the portal.  However, other members may not get to know you if you do not have a profile. 

How to access and fill up the member profile?

The member profile can be accessed  from the user's home folder.  Members are automatically redirected to their home folder after logging-in using the login icon found on the upper right corner of the portal.  The link to the edit or display view of the member profile is found in several locations as shown in the image below.


The edit link will open the member profile form in editing mode so members can update their profiles at any time.  Individual and organizational profiles have different fields.  Just fill-in the fields and click on the "Save" button to update your profile.


How to share your profile with other members or the public?

By default, the members profile will be in the "Private" state.  This means that the profile can only be seen by the owner of the profile.  To share the profile with other members or the public, select either "Share: Internal" or "Share: Public".  The actions will result to the following:

Share: Internal - immediately share your profile with other members

Share: Public - makes your profile available to other members while the content administrator reviews your profile for public access

Members who requested publication of their profile will receive an email form the system after the review process has been completed and an action has been done.


How is the profile used?

The information you provide may be used as follows:

Site Administrators:

  • View provided information
  • May use contact information to officially communicate with you
  • Use data to gather user statistics

Other Members (only if you share your profile to members):

  • May contact you if you enabled this feature in your profile form
  • View provided information

Public (only if you share your profile to the public):

  • View provided information