Supplier Meet-Ups

What are they?


Supplier Meet-Ups are private, off-the-record conversations open only to suppliers, held once per month, and hosted by the Asia Garment Hub. Each month, one supplier shares a specific challenge they’re facing while the rest of the group shares feedback and offers support. We’re a small group interested in developing meaningful interpersonal relationships. More often than not, the challenges raised during these sessions are shared, and, occasionally, they serve as a catalyst for more formal collaborations.

When are they?

The second Thursday of every month.

How do I join?


Because we are a small group dedicated to building real relationships and solidarity, we ask that interested suppliers commit to attending regularly and come with an openness to reflective dialogue and exchange. 

Past Meet-Ups: Anonymized Reflections


Reflections from February 2024 Supplier Meet-Up:

On Traceability Woes & Data Equity Part 2

Reflections from January 2024 Supplier Meet-Up:

On Traceability Woes & Data Equity

Reflections from Q4’s 2023 Supplier Meet-Ups:

Introducing the Fashion Producer Collective

Reflections from August 2023 Supplier Meet-Up:

Just Because a Supplier Wants to Recycle Its Waste Doesn't Mean It Can

Reflections from May 2023 Supplier Meet-Up:

The Hidden Burdens of Well-Intentioned Standards

Reflections from April 2023 Supplier Meet-Up:

On Supplier-Led, Brand-Supported Capacity Building

Reflections from March 2023 Supplier Meet-Up:

The Mystery of Supplier Engagement

Reflections from February 2023 Supplier Meet-Up: 

SOS: My Clients Want a Certified Supply Chain But…

Reflections from January 2023 Supplier Meet-Up:

A Belief to Let Go Of: Decarbonization Saves Money

Reflections from December 2022 Supplier Meet-Up:

Supplier Meet-Ups: The Master Plan(ish)

Reflections from October 2022 Supplier Meet-Up:

Of Collectives and Partnerships: Could Manufacturer Collaboration Help Transform Fashion?

Reflections from August 2022 Supplier Meet-Up:

Practical Tips for Talking to Manufacturers About Decarbonization

Reflections from July 2022 Supplier Meet-Up:

Changing the Terms of the Decarbonization Conversation

Reflections from June 2022 Supplier Meet-Up:

Decarbonization Strategies: Leaving the Stratosphere

Reflections from May 2022 Supplier Meet-Up:

De-carbonizing Fashion Supply Chains: “We’re Not Dolphins at Sea World”