An Apparel Supplier’s Guide to Sustainability Legislation 2.0

What is it?


In July 2023, Epic Group, Simple Approach, Shahi Exports, and Norlanka together with support from Transformers Foundation and GIZ-FABRIC released an apparel supplier’s guide to 12 pieces of key sustainability legislation mapping the upcoming requirements and how to respond. See it here. 

The overwhelming response to the first iteration of this project (over 4000 downloads) speaks to the need for more resources on this topic in general, and the need for these resources to be created by suppliers, for suppliers specifically. 

Hence, In 2024, we are planning to:

  • Update the existing 12 factsheets (to ensure they reflect the latest information)
  • Release 4 new and additional factsheets 
  • Create an educational webinar series for producers





How it works


This project is led by a Supplier Steering Committee, made up exclusively of suppliers that contribute financing and/or time to the project. The Supplier Steering Committee is tasked with leading the substantive direction of the work. They make all major decisions related to the project. This is not because other stakeholders are unimportant, but because the guide is ultimately for suppliers - therefore suppliers are best placed to ensure the resource is fit for purpose. They are supported by a project manager and communications manager, whose time is covered by the Transformers Foundation.



We expect this project to kick off in early 2024 and finish by September 2024.



If you’re a supplier, join the Supplier Steering Committee: you will play a pivotal role in guiding the strategic direction of our project, and influencing key decisions and outcomes. This requires a modest financial commitment and also potentially some time.

Though the work will be led by suppliers (see how it works above), we are also looking for other types of supporters. For example, the project has already secured support from the Transformers Foundation and GIZ-FABRIC. Non-supplier entities interested in supporting this project financially in either a moderate or significant way are encouraged to reach out.

To join us in this exciting venture or find out more, please get in touch.