Our Values

The Asia Garment Hub is a one-stop digital knowledge Hub designed to help stakeholders in the garment and textiles sector find, understand, promote and operationalise Decent Work and Sustainable business practices across the supply chain.

Focusing on Asia as the heart of global garment production, our mission is to build an interactive and collaborative community to connect people, provide and share knowledge, empower best practices, foster partnerships, facilitate learning and exchange, and inspire action to address critical industry challenges.

Our Values reflect the change we want to see in the industry:
  • Authoritative: we provide the highest quality resources from leading organizations and respected voices in the sustainability field;
  • Collaborative: we promote collaboration, exchange and joint partnership of industry stakeholders for a greater impact in the garment and textiles sector;
  • Engaging: we are engaged in making people aware of specific topics in the industry and want to motivate them to turn ideas and opportunities into action;
  • Empowering: we want to help build knowledge, share knowledge and inspire action

Our goal is to demystify the sustainability landscape and give industry stakeholders the tools they need to make real change –from labour rights and working conditions to environmental and climate action as well as business productivity.  Whether you are a brand, a manufacturer, a worker representative, an advocate or a policymaker, the Asia Garment Hub aims to be the Hub that is tailored to your needs.

Zero Tolerance Issues
The Asia Garment Hub strives to create a culture that is open, friendly and respectful, with space for constructive and stimulating discussion. Violence and harassment -in the physical and digital space- are unacceptable and incompatible with this mission. Following ILO’s policy and its Violence and Harassment Convention (No. 190 and Recommendation No. 206).

We take a number of measures to uphold the safety of our users and ensure compliance with relevant laws and policies. Accounts may be temporarily or indefinitely suspended if we find violations of our policies or the Terms of Use. For serious violations (i.e. activity that is illegal or significantly harms the Hub and/or its users), accounts will be suspended immediately and without notice. For other violations that result in account suspension, we will notify affected individuals within 7 days to inform them of the nature of the violation and the required remediation.