Innovative Financing Models for Decarbonization

What is it?


This paper is being commissioned and led by seven apparel suppliers: Epic Group, TAL Apparel, NITEX, Pactics Group, Artistic Milliners, MAS Holdings, and Simple Approach. In addition, the paper is supported by GIZ-FABRIC and the Transformers Foundation.

This paper is being commissioned to shed light on the difficulty suppliers face in trying to finance decarbonization. Many apparel suppliers are serious about decarbonization; however, multiple challenges impede rapid and continuous progress.


How it works


A Supplier Steering Committee leads this project, made up exclusively of suppliers contributing financing and time to the project. The Supplier Steering Committee is tasked with leading the substantive direction of the work. They make all major decisions related to the project. This is not because other stakeholders are unimportant, but because the paper is intended to reflect producer perspectives. They are also supported by GIZ-FABRIC, who has made a significant financial contribution to the project as well as the Transformers Foundation who is supporting the project through in-kind contributions.




This project commenced in April 2023 and we expect it to be released in Q1 of 2024.

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