What impact does Digitalization have on the garment and textiles sector?

Technology is transforming the garment and textiles industry, with Digitalization at the forefront. As product customization becomes more common and automation and artificial intelligence reshapes how production and work is organized, industry actors face both risks and opportunities in harnessing Digitalization for sustainability goals.

In this section you will find news, best practices, current events and training around the topic of Digitalization. Take advantage of the opportunity to exchange ideas with industry experts who are working intensively on this subject.

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"The apparel industry has begun its digital revolution"

"The apparel industry has begun its digital revolution"

3D solutions for fashion design, development and merchandising can not only increase the efficiency of fashion companies, but also reduce the production of physical samples, speed up product development and reduce textile waste? Read our interview with Sharon Lim, co-founder and CEO of Tech Company Browzwear.

News on Digitalization

The environmental case for digital fashion

"Overproduction of physical goods is one of the key contributors to fashion's slow progress towards sustainability goals. Can shifting just a small share of our purchasing power to digital-only produc ...

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Fashion brand and tech spinout develop 3D modelling sizing software

"Yorkshire-based slow luxury fashion brand, AVIE, is promoting a more sustainable approach to consumerism by collaborating with Oxford University spinout Aistetic to launch next-generation 3D body mea ...

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Amer Sports partners with Sourcemap for first ever traceable sporting goods collection

"Sourcemap, a global provider of supply chain transparency and traceability software, today announced that Amer Sports – the parent company of premier global sports and outdoor brands such as Arc'tery ...

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Resources on Digitalization

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GIZ FABRIC - Our Rights App

The GIZ textile project FABRIC developed the "Seth Yerng - Our Rights" app. The app provides knowledge to textile workers about their rights and obligations under the Cambodian labour law.


GIZ FABRIC Asia  | March 17, 2022

Highlights from the webinar "How is COVID 19 changing the Digital Landscape for the Textile Industry"

This video features highlights from the webinar "How is COVID 19 changing the Digital Landscape for the Textile Industry", which is jointly organized by GIZ FABRIC and ILO’s Decent Work in Garment Supply Chains Asia project. In this webinar you will hear about two digital...


The Asia Garment Hub  | January 05, 2022

Automation and Digitization in the Myanmar Garment Sector

A review of the current situation and implications for market strategies, investment and skills policies


The Asia Garment Hub  | August 16, 2021

Introducing the Asia Garment Hub

A one-stop shop for industry data, news, resources and tools. The Asia Garment Hub connects people and organizations from across the sector with a single vision –to make it fairer, more sustainable and more competitive.


The Asia Garment Hub  | August 12, 2021

Launch event of the Cambodian labour law app ‘Seth Yerng – Our Rights’

To empower garment workers by improving their knowledge of their rights the GIZ project FABRIC created a mobile application called ‘Seth Yerng – Our Rights’ for the Cambodian context, which informs the workers about the most important labour laws and occupational health and...


GIZ FABRIC Asia  | August 02, 2021

Interactive training approach for Chemical management

Presentation: Gundolf Klaehn from GIZ FABRIC on an new e-learning based full training on CM


GIZ FABRIC Asia  | July 16, 2021

ASEAN in transformation - Part 2: The future of jobs at risk of automation

This report seeks to understand the implication of computerized technology for five Asian economies - Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam - by assessing types of occupations that have a high probability of being automated


The Asia Garment Hub  | May 18, 2021

Industry Events on Digitalization

Greater transparency for fashion SMEs: in search of the ‘killer app’ that facilitates supply chain transparency at scale

2023-02-15 18:00:00+07:00 to 2023-02-15 19:00:00+07:00  (6:00 PM — 7:00 PM)  UTC+07


Leveraging electronic wage payments to measure progress on living wages

2023-02-15 20:00:00+07:00 to 2023-02-15 21:00:00+07:00  (8:00 PM — 9:00 PM)  UTC+07


Future-proof Businesses Through Digital Chemical Management

2023-02-24 02:00:00+07:00 to 2023-02-24 03:00:00+07:00  (2:00 AM — 3:00 AM)  UTC+07


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