Sustainable Terms of Trade Initiative (STTI)

Sustainable Terms of Trade Initiative (STTI)

The primary objective of the initiative is to deliver a major contribution towards purchasing practices that allow textile and garment manufacturers to run a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable operation.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit: STTI calls for responsible purchasing practices and global standardisation on due diligence

16th June 2022. STTI spokesperson and Vice President BGMEA Miran Ali called for a globally standardised approach to due diligence at the prestigious Global Fashion Summit last week.

STTI’s First In-Person Meeting Brings Commercial Compliance One Step Closer

22nd March, 2022. The Sustainable Terms of Trade Initiative (STTI) held its first bi-annual in-person meeting on Monday March 14th in Istanbul, Turkey and announces spokespersons.

Purchasing Practices is on the rise and with it Sustainable Terms of Trade Initiative (STTI)’s reach in the industry

1st February 2022. STTI welcomes two new members and now covers 11 manufacturing countries.