An Apparel Supplier’s Guide to Sustainability Legislation

What is it?


In July 2023, Epic Group, Simple Approach, Shahi Exports, and Norlanka together with support from Transformers Foundation and GIZ-FABRIC released An Apparel Supplier’s Guide to Key Sustainability Legislation in the US, UK, and EU. The resource covered 12 pieces of key sustainability legislation mapping the upcoming requirements and how to respond.




  • Over 4000 downloads in the first 6 months post-launch
  • 1000+ launch webinar registrants, 700+ participants
  • Has led to direct engagement between individual producers and policymakers

What’s next?


The overwhelming response to the first iteration of this project (over 4000 downloads) speaks to the need for more resources on this topic in general, and the need for these resources to be created by suppliers, for suppliers specifically. 

We are currently recruiting producers and other supporters for a follow-up project to develop additional fact sheets, updates to existing fact sheets, and an educational series for producers.


An Apparel Supplier's Guide

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