An Apparel Supplier’s Guide: Key Sustainability Legislations in the EU, US, and UK

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The Apparel Supplier's Guide is intended to enable suppliers in the apparel value chain - and others who are seeking to learn more about upcoming legislation - to better understand how impending sustainability-related legislation in the Global North will impact them.


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12 Factsheets on Key Sustainability Legislations in the EU, US, and UK



This resource was initiated and led by suppliers across production tiers and locations facing many of the same challenges. Despite these shared challenges, rarely do suppliers come together to address these challenges collectively.

Specifically, this resource was commissioned by: Epic Group, Norlanka, Shahi Exports & Simple Approach. In addition, this research was also supported by Transformers Foundation and GIZ FABRIC.

It is important to note the symbolic significance of this piece of work: this is a project initiated and led by fierce – and in some cases direct – commercial competitors. The entities commissioning this resource hope this inspires more apparel suppliers to join forces.


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The legislative initiatives covered in the fact sheets are likely to have far-reaching operational and legal impacts on apparel suppliers, which could include:

  • In some cases, EU Member States may interpret EU requirements differently.
  • Increased demands from brands for visibility into upstream supply chain partners’ practices and full supply chain traceability.
  • More stringent codes of conduct and contract clauses from brands who work to protect themselves in case of legal investigation and penalties.
  • Increased expectation for suppliers to implement due diligence processes to identify, prevent, remediate and report on social and environmental impacts.
  • Increased reporting requirements and data requests. This will require stronger data gathering and management capacity.
  • Brands may interpret and operationalize new legal requirements differently, this may lead to suppliers having to comply with multiple, conflicting standards.
  • Increased focus on grievance mechanisms which may lead to conflicting requirements or duplication of work.



The suppliers commissioning this work recommend that fellow suppliers:

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Stay informed, compliant, and proactive in the face of sustainability-related legislation. 

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest insights on sustainability-related legislation impacting the apparel industry. Our comprehensive report provides valuable information and guidance to companies operating in the apparel value chain.


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