Fashion Industry Playbook for Climate Action

by Victoria Bornemann created 2021-07-26T21:44:19+07:00
Science tells us that to keep the planet safe, we must significantly reduce CO2 emissions within the next decade to meet our 1.5°C climate goal. Together we must work towards this goal—to drastically reduce emissions and adapt to climate change—so as to escape the worst impacts of climate change. The timeline to do this is very short, and the goals are incredibly tough to meet, but that is our challenge. In 2018, the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, was launched in response to that challenge. With a growing list of signatory companies and organizations, as well as clear commitments and plans, the Charter has the ingredients to be a success. The Playbook is intended for companies across the value chain that are primarily involved in the fashion sector - brands, retailers, manufacturers, material suppliers, and more - as setting and achieving ambitious targets will take action from thousands of companies across the valuechain. The Playbook is intended to be a living document that will help fashion stakeholders to identify what actions to take and which initiatives and programmes could support them. Fashion can play an important role in inspiring other sectors and society at large to lead the way towards a healthy and prosperous planet for all.