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Suppliers and manufacturers are invited to complete the Sustainable Terms of Trade Initiative (STTI) Baseline Survey
Dec 16, 2021

Suppliers and manufacturers in the garment industry are invited to complete the STTI Baseline Survey, open until 7th January, and available in both English and Chinese. The survey asks manufacturers to rate their buyers' adherence to commercial compliance, which STTI defines as ‘purchasing practices that do not cause obvious and avoidable harm to manufacturers’.

ZDHC Knowledge Base
Dec 14, 2021

Did you already know that ZDHC has a Knowledge Base? Have a look at it!

Crystal International Steps up Climate Action by Strengthening Solar Energy Use and Climate Risk Management
Nov 25, 2021

Crystal International strengthens solar energy use and climate risk management to confront climate change, and work towards the Groups’ long-term commitment on carbon reduction goal – reducing 30 per cent aggregate carbon emissions by 2030.

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