Shoe Sustainability Summit 2023

by GIZ FABRIC last modified 2023-08-25T09:50:34+07:00

The Shoe Sustainability Summit is not just about how we measure and reduce—yes, we’ll cover that—this event is a blueprint for how companies create new systems, products, and strategies to boost ROI today while creating new revenue streams for tomorrow... reducing our footprints along the way. Summit attendees get free access to our Brews & Shoes Networking and Charity Event immediately following the Summit at Castaway. View full agenda here.


Topics include:

  • New Bio Innovations and Performance Strategy
  • Case Studies in Sustainable Design
  • Understanding and Using Recycled Materials in Upcoming Lines
  • Operation Strategy: weight-based measures, LCA issues, science-based targets
  • End of Life Options and Updates
  • Regenerative Farming and Materials
  • Understanding Water Impacts
  • Innovations in Circularity
  • Traceability Strategy
  • EU and US Legal Review

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