Decent Work/Social & Labour Standards

What is Decent Work and why is it a key element to achieve fair globalization and poverty reduction?

Decent Work refers to opportunities for work that are productive and deliver a fair income, provides security in the workplace and social protection for families and better prospects for personal development and social integration. It aims to give people the freedom to voice their concerns, organize themselves and participate in the decisions that affect their lives including equality of opportunity and treatment, for all women and men.

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Improving road safety for garment workers in Vietnam

Improving road safety for garment workers in Vietnam

Every year, more than 24,970 people die in traffic accidents in Vietnam. Find out why this also affects the textile sector and how to improve road safety for garment factory workers.

Latest News on Decent Work/Social & Labour Standards

‘No NOC for most Bawana, Narela factories’

"DFS data showed that in 2019 about 56 factories were given certificates, 87 in 2020 and 57 in 2021. “A few factory owners also applied for renewal of their certificates, which was done after proper i ...

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Massive fire in sandal making factory, goods worth lakhs burnt

"A massive fire broke out in a factory located in Narela area on Saturday morning. Goods worth lakhs of rupees were burnt in the accident. Thankfully no one was injured in the accident. By registering ...

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Massive fire breaks out at showroom in Kolkata's Chandni Chowk; firefighting ops underway

"A massive fire broke out in a clothing showroom in the Chandini Chowk region of Kolkata. According to sources, the fire was reported at around 3.30 am on Friday." ...

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Resources on Decent Work/Social & Labour Standards

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Manufactured x Asia Garment Hub Podcast: How to measure worker wellbeing?

In collaboration with the Asia Garment Hub, the Manufactured podcast is running a four part series on worker wellbeing. This episode looks at how to define and measure wellbeing. Joining co-hosts Kim van der Weerd's and Jessie Li in this episode are Dr. Divya Jyoti and Dr....


GIZ FABRIC Asia  | May 18, 2022

Guidelines on inclusion in textile supply chains

The guideline "Inclusion in Textile Supply Chains" aims to support companies in promoting the employment of people with disabilities in a non-discriminatory and practical manner.


The Asia Garment Hub  | May 09, 2022

GIZ FABRIC - Our Rights App

The GIZ textile project FABRIC developed the "Seth Yerng - Our Rights" app. The app provides knowledge to textile workers about their rights and obligations under the Cambodian labour law.


GIZ FABRIC Asia  | March 17, 2022

Moving the needle: Gender equality and decent work in Asia’s garment sector Regional Road Map

This working Road Map complements and supports the ILO paper ‘Moving the Needle: Gender equality and decent work in the garment sector in Asia.’ Guided by a theory of change and set of recommendations and key messages developed by the paper, the Road Map aims to promote increased...


Collective Action – The Integrity Journey

In 2020 amfori partnered with Alliance for Integrity (AFIN) and set out on an integrity journey in India.

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amfori  | February 15, 2022

Employment and environmental sustainability in India

The Employment and Environmental Sustainability Fact Sheets series provides key indicators of employment and environmental sustainability performance. They include: (i) employment in environmental sectors; (ii) skill levels; (iii) vulnerability of jobs; (iv) jobs in renewable...


Industry Events on Decent Work/Social & Labour Standards

The Punk, The Potter & The Global Fashion Campaigner

2022-06-08 00:00:00+07:00 to 2022-06-08 02:00:00+07:00  (12:00 AM — 2:00 AM)  UTC+07


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Click through our Member Profiles and find experts in the field of Decent Work/Social & Labour Standards

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