The Better Buying Partnership Index (BBPI) Opens for Supplier Ratings Today!

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Help us drive supplier engagement with The Better Buying Partnership IndexTM and get a free BBPI country report!

Scan or click on the QR code to go straight to the survey.

Better Buying is offering every STTI participating supplier organization a free country-specific report based on the responses your members provide during this month's ratings cycle.

This data will enable you to compare the quality of the business relationships your members enjoy with their buyers with the industry average, both overall, and across a range of measures including operational efficiency and the management of key deadlines, forecasting visibility and the predictability of future orders, the fairness of financial practices, the efforts buyers make to partner with your members to improve sustainability, communication practices, and the status of your members' buyers as a customer of choice.

The BBPI enables suppliers to determine the quality of the relationships they enjoy with their brand and retailer customers; whether they are performing well enough to be classified as a True Partner, a Collaborator, or a Detractor, whose practices are preventing the supplier from running a sustainable, profitable business.

We really want to hear from your members so we can identify which issues are having the greatest impact on each production country, and to provide you and your members with valuable information that can be used to partner with brands and retailers to identify areas for improvement, and to co-design solutions.


The survey is 100% anonymous and it only takes 5 minutes to rate each buyer customer.


In order to get the best quality data for you and your members, and to deliver really valuable insights as to the key issues affecting suppliers in your country, we need as many of your members as possible to complete the survey.


Please share the survey and QR code with your members, and encourage them to submit their ratings by the deadline of November 3rd.