Digital Solutions and Challenges in the Textile and Garment Sector
Global supply chains are long, complex, fragmented, continuously evolving and notoriously opaque. The fragmented and opaque information can create the breeding ground of exploitative and unsafe working conditions while obscuring who has the responsibility and power to redress them. To improve due diligence in global supply chains, transparency and traceability regarding social, environmental and economic aspects are vital in the creation of sustainable and resilient supply chains and overall effective corporate governance. To gather information about these aspects, digital tools are used to facilitate this process. However, the introduction of digital tools can pose different challenges for different stakeholders, hindering the usage of digital solutions to increase transparency and traceability. To dig deeper into the challenges faced by different stakeholders, interviews were conducted. Did you know that one major challenge is the training required to use such digital tools, but also pricing negotiations because it's hard for users to understand the value of more transparency and traceability? Find out more in the info graphics attached.