Better Work Interactive E-Learning Course to Support Companies to Address Purchasing Practices

by Better Work created 2022-03-11T15:27:16+07:00
Better Work's interactive and action oriented e-learning is designed to help companies get started on addressing purchasing practices.

Better Work's interactive foundational training is applicable for brand staff at different levels and across departments. The training allows participants to better understand how purchasing practices influence working conditions and the direct impacts of their own decision making.

The e-learning comprises of an online simulation game divided into eight modules, each consisting of an informational video together with a quiz for participants to check their understanding. The course, which takes around an hour to complete, tracks a garment from inception to delivery and covers: 

  • Complex apparel supply chain dynamics
  • Why good purchasing practices are critical for good business
  • How a company’s business model and purchasing practices impact working conditions
  • Practical next steps to ensure purchasing practices have a positive impact on working conditions
  • Additional resources

Translating knowledge into action, the course supports participants in developing an individual Action Plan to support their company's commitment to responsible purchasing.  For a taster of the course, currently available in English (coming soon in Vietnamese and French), please see the trailer and for further details check out the Better Work Purchasing Practices e-Training webpage.