Meet the Founders

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Both Jessie and Kim have backgrounds in the fashion industry and have in-depth knowledge, particularly on the topic of fashion supply chains.

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Co-founder Jessie Li – Working for diverse parties across the fashion supply chain in both China and Cambodia has shaped Jessie’s conviction that supply chain relationships are complex, and the people within them often misunderstood. She’s a thinker, and reflects deeply about why people behave the way that they do. You can also talk to her about environmental conservation, long distance hiking and her cats.

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Co-founder & host Kim van der WeerdKim moved to Cambodia armed with a background in human rights and a desire to better understand the fashion supply chain. Managing production facilities challenged all of her assumptions about what sustainable fashion requires, made her a firm advocate of equal partnership, and instilled a deep respect for the exhausting and difficult work of making clothes. She too, likes to talk about cats.

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