Cascale Annual Meeting 2024

Step into the dawn of “a new era of unified impact” at the Cascale Annual Meeting 2024 in Munich, Germany and online. Exclusively crafted for Cascale members, this electrifying event brings together over 600+ attendees, representing a diverse mix of manufacturers, brands, retailers, academics, NGOs, government officials and service providers from all corners of the globe, both in-person and online.


The Theme: A New Era of Unified Impact

As we set forth on this path towards a more sustainable and equitable future, the theme of “A New Era of Unified Impact” reflects our commitment to community, collaboration and inclusion. It signifies a turning point in the consumer goods industry.

This theme encapsulates our belief that, by working together, we can address the most pressing challenges facing our industry and pave the way for a more equitable and restorative future. It embodies our dedication to common measurement, collective action, transparency and accountability —the cornerstones of our shared goals towards creating a consumer goods industry that serves both people and the planet.


What to Expect

Our program is intricately crafted to synchronize with Cascale’s strategic plan, emphasizing our three core pillars: combating climate change, ensuring decent work for all, and fostering a nature-positive future. Dedicated to providing exclusive updates on the Cascale Impact Programs, latest advancements in the Higg Index Suite of Tools, and more, each session is tailored to empower you to catalyze change within your organization and across the industry.


Who Attends?

The Cascale Annual Meeting is an exclusive event reserved solely for Cascale Members – it’s a moment where we come together as manufacturers, brands, retailers, academics, NGOs, government officials, and service providers to drive meaningful change.