Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit

The need for economies and business models that can deliver prosperity for all within planetary boundaries is clear. This means that we not only have to use less fossil and virgin materials, but also transition away from current linear business models, towards business models grounded in circular principles. Many global businesses and financiers are aligning their ways of working to go ‘circular’. Clearly, the manufacturing (supply side) of the global supply chains need to reposition the enterprises faster to reap the promised benefits.

The business and sustainability promise of circularity has been discussed for long, but the world is yet to reap the promised benefits.

The Bangladesh Circular Summit sets out to change this. The possibilities are undeniably vast when the potentiality of the circular economy is considered in Bangladesh.

In its inaugural event the Bangladesh Circular Economy Summit, brings together cross-sectorial businesses, policymakers, and the development community to explore the realities of transitioning to a circular economy in Bangladesh.


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