Asia Garment Hub Supplier Meet-Up: Roadmaps to decarbonization - What could/should a Fair Climate Pledge look like?

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A strategic look at models for collectively achieving climate goals
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  • When Jul 07, 2022 from 06:00 PM (Asia/Bangkok / UTC700)
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What’s being discussed?

Manufacturers, given a magic wand, what would be your decarbonization wish? How’s this for a wish:

“As manufacturers, decarbonization requires fundamentally rethinking not only our businesses, but also our communities and the entire setting in which we operate.  Unlike footloose brands and retailers, we are rooted.  For us, decarbonization is a lot more than a data problem, it’s a way of life problem. Universal targets and marketing claims based on aggregate figures trivialize the transformation being asked of us.  We need recognition of this.  We also need partnership – if you want us to rethink our whole business and world, we need you to have a vested interest in our success. Partnership means equitably shared profits and losses. It means that when products don’t sell, we foot the bill together.”

Agree? Disagree? Come! Let’s debate, refine, and get inspired about how to take this forward. Bring a friend. Be seen. Feel recognized. It will be fun.

Who’s kickstarting the conversation this month? This month, I’m bringing along my wise friend Sven Sielhorst to kickstart the conversation. He works for a grassroots organization (Wij:land) in the Netherlands alongside about 200 dairy farmers. They collaborate to reimagine business models and communities. For example, could different metrics (like earnings per hour) challenge the conventional wisdom that getting more milk out of a cow is always the best way to increase income or mitigate risk? They also work to create social support for dairy farmers, to inspire society at large to recognize all the ways in which dairy farmers are putting their necks on the line to benefit the greater good. Any else see the parallels with the fashion industry’s decarbonization conversation? 🙋

Any pre-work required?

Nope. But if you’re new to the group, you might want to check out a summary of May and June’s conversations. 

What are Supplier Meet-Ups?

Informal and unrecorded meetups open exclusively to suppliers (any tier), held monthly on the first Thursday of every month.  The meet-ups are discussion focused and intended to facilitate connection between suppliers.  Each month a relevant speaker is invited to kick-start the conversation and moderated by Kim van der Weerd.

Supplier Meet-Ups are hosted by the Asia Garment Hub, a digital one-stop shop tailored to the garment and textiles sector in Asia. The Asia Garment Hub is a joint initiative of the GIZ’s regional project FABRIC and the ILO’s Decent Work in Garment Supply Chains Asia project.

Please note: Because supplier meet-ups are discussion focused, participants will be expected to have video ON.