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Towards a Collective Approach - Rethinking Fashion's Doomed Climate Strategy

By Kim van der Weerd, November 22, 2023

Transformers Foundation surveyed denim suppliers, finding that the sector’s approach to climate change, including Science Based Targets, are impractical and inequitable: they often ignore feasibility, context, fairness, and disproportionately burden suppliers financially.

We are thrilled to announce the release of Transformers 2023 deep dive report: Towards A Collective Approach: Rethinking Fashion’s Doomed Climate Strategy.

🌟 Three key findings:
  • SBTs are flawed, neglecting context and equity.
  • Suppliers disproportionately foot the bill decarbonization, even when it doesn’t generate returns.
  • Fashion's top-down approach hinders climate action.
🌟 Our call: We need a collective approach to climate action. Shared responsibility, resources, 
and a shift from top-down directives are essential.

📥 Download the report to dive deeper into the disconnect:

Read the Report

Read the Report

More than 400 companies have committed to science-based targets and new legislation in the EU and US is pushing for unprecedented sustainability. However, the recently published "Towards a Collective Approach: Rethinking Fashion’s Doomed Climate Strategy" report shows that the burden of climate action is being unfairly borne by suppliers. Read more here.

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