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GoBlu International Ltd. is the sustainability accelerator for apparel and textiles companies, providing brand-level, supply chain-level, and communications services to clients around the globe. 

As a service provider to companies operating in the apparel and textile industries, GoBlu also gives support in areas such as sustainability strategy setting and implementation, capacity building for brand headquarters or production offices, supply chain improvement programs, and a range of communications topics such as CSR reporting, meaningful marketing, and stakeholder engagement.

Moreover, GoBlu developed additional products on the mission to accelerate its clients’ and the industry's ability to operate in a sustainable way, empowering them to achieve and ultimately exceed their goals.

The BHive® - Revolutionizing Chemical Management

With The BHive®, GoBlu has developed an innovative platform that enables the digitization of chemical management in the textile industry and supports more transparency and sustainable decisions in the chemical supply chain. The tool enables facilities to generate digital chemical inventories within seconds and helps them identify which products meet sustainability requirements of their clients. This information can easily be shared with the client, providing brands with a full overview of chemicals used across the supply chain. 

Kyna Intel - The Sustainable Fashion Resource Center

Kyna Intel provides stakeholders from the textile and fashion industry with the information they need to further sustainable and informed decision-making. Developed by GoBlu, Kyna Intel is a curated, searchable news database - if it’s related to sustainable fashion, then Kyna Intel has it listed, tagged, and linked to other news. Upcoming events for sustainable fashion professionals and a job board are available on the platform as well. The Kyna newsletter provides the receiver with a selection of the latest industry news - content and frequency can be customized.

As a partner of Kyna Intel, the Asia Garment Hub also features relevant and up-to-date industry news powered by Kyna Intel. 

Hong Kong