The Industry We Want



The garment and footwear industry at a cross roads

The Industry We Want was born of impatience and frustration with the pace of change in the industry, but also a belief in its potential to transform the lives of those whose work creates the products that the world’s consumers enjoy, in a way that has a positive impact on the planet at large. Few industries have the scale and reach to affect such positive change and make a significant contribution to the global Sustainable Development Goals. TIWW pulls together ideas, innovations, and ambition from across the sector to set positive global aspirations, confront the difficult questions facing us all and inspire greater progress. TIWW aims to be a “Big Tent”, where all those who agree to the common metrics and want to contribute to progress are invited to create work plans, share knowledge, foster new collaborative efforts, and innovate.

The journey 

To realise our vision, TIWW is developing a set of industry-wide indicators to measure progress on an annual basis and galvanise action across the social, commercial and environmental spheres.

We intend these indicators to act as an annual ‘traffic light’ or ‘temperature check’ for the industry as a whole - one that will help to stimulate progress, support alignment and encourage information exchange, collaboration and policy change where necessary. 

Over the next six months TIWW will be launching a set of metrics intended to provide a ‘temperature’ check on the industry. The three pilot indicators for the first phase are wages, purchasing practices and GHG emissions.

China; Netherlands; Myanmar [Burma]; Macedonia [FYROM]; India; Bangladesh; Romania; Tunisia; United Kingdom; Bulgaria; Turkey; Indonesia; Vietnam