Res.Q Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

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Sri Lanka

Res.Q Solutions is a company that was put together to help apparel manufacturers move towards the concept of Smart Manufacturing by augmenting their teams with technology.

By continuously looking to bridge Physical and Digital Res.Q provides technology to solve today’s problems with a keen view of what the future holds. Our purpose is to enable workers in contract manufacturing by providing them with engaging real-time data so that they can be empowered to do their very best.

The Res.Q Solutions Portfolio consist of 06 Cloud-based Solutions:

Res.Q | QMS (Quality Management Solution)

A fully digital quality management tool facilitating all forms of quality inspections on the apparel manufacturing shopfloor, to give complete visibility and control of the entire quality and production in real-time of the manufacturing process.

Res.Q | MI (Machine Inventory)

An NFC based machine management tool tailor made for the apparel industry developed to address unique pinpoints found in the traditional machine management processes.

Res.Q | SM (Skill Matrix)

A digital Skill library to manage organizational skill resources through one central platform and carry out skill evaluations with a simple mobile application.

Res.Q | SL (Smart Line)

A Line layout planning tool which digitizes the entire line balancing process & generates symbolic layouts for each custom order type. With an integration with Res.Q| SM & Res.Q| MI users could also map the exact man and machine to generated line layouts automatically through the system itself.

Res.Q | FI (Fabric Inspection)

A digitized fabric inspection platform made for the apparel industry, automating the evaluations, supplier evaluations and reporting through one central platform.

Res.Q | MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

A production tracking solution offering the luxury of being able to use multiple tracking technologies, ranging from RFID, Barcode to QR code.

Users could also use a combination of technologies to best fit their style of production and complex sales routs.