Tamar Hoek

Senior Policy Advisor - Solidaridad


I am Senior Policy Advisor Sustainable Fashion for Solidaridad. My European and global agenda on policy influencing and market uptake focuses on influencing the private sector to commit to and implement responsible environmental management, decent work and fair value distribution within their supply chain, and the public sector to enforce national norms and regulatory frameworks for sustainability and due diligence. Important platforms for our policy influencing work are multi-stakeholder initiatives around sustainable fashion, like the Social Labor Convergence Program, Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the Policy Hub. 

Solidaridads cotton and textiles programs focus on working with brands/retailers, factories, farmers and other stakeholders in the supply chain to improve the environmental and social performance of the textiles wet processing sector and the Read Made Garments (RMG) sector, and to increase the uptake of sustainable cotton.

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Solidaridad Solidaridad Other Senior Policy Advisor

Decent Work / Social & Labour Standards; Wastewater (treamtment); Human Rights; Energy Efficiency; Chemical Management; Water efficiency; Supply Chain Due Diligence; Circularity / circular economy

Climate & Environment, Purchasing Practices, Decent Work/Social & Labour Standards