ALDI Einkauf SE & Co. oHG (ALDI Nord)

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Our daily decisions impact our entire value chain. In view of the challenges of climate change, limited natural resources, and a growing and constantly changing demand for groceries, acting sustainable as a discounter is not simply an option, but also a
strategic approach.

ALDI is the inventor of discount retailing and this business model already follows sustainable principles: working efficiently, conserving resources, and focusing on essential products. On a corporate level, we focus on highly relevant issues for the main stakeholders in the ALDI countries, on those matters closest to our core business and on areas where ALDI Nord can exert the greatest influence on sustainability. A sense of responsibility shapes all our actions, from long-term and cooperative partnerships with our suppliers and producers, to our focus on customer satisfaction and well-being, through to our collaborations with local and international community groups and charities.

Germany; Poland; Denmark; Netherlands; Belgium; Luxembourg; France; Spain; Portugal; Bangladesh; China