Targeted Prevention Campaign on Fire and Electrical Safety

by GIZ FABRIC created 2022-10-27T11:02:59+07:00
The Saeed Ahmed Awan Centre for Improvement of Working Conditions & Environment (SAA-CIWCE) launched a targeted prevention campaign on Fire and Electrical Safety. The campaign aims to reduce the number of accidents and damages that take place in the textile and garment industry pertaining to electrical and fire hazards. The Social and Behaviour Change Communication campaign seeks to develop and sustain positive attitudes and behaviour change in the workplace, among employers and workers.


SAA-CIWCE introduced several occupational safety & health prevention initiatives, including campaigns. These initiatives were based on several studies conducted by experts in the field of occupational safety and health. The findings paved the way for designing and launching more systematic campaigns for public awareness. The current campaign on electrical safety and fire prevention is one such campaign that was launched on August 04, 2022 in Islamabad. The event was graced by dignitaries from the public and private sectors across the country who took the ownership to disseminate the message across their circle of influence. 


The objectives of the campaign are:

1) To highlight the main sources and causes of fire-related hazards and necessary precautionary measures for fire and electrical hazards management and mitigation

2) To capacitate management and workers on reactive measures for fire and electrical hazards management and mitigation

3) To raise public awareness on electrical and fire hazards for behaviour change.