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Labour First Campaign

by GIZ FABRIC last modified 2022-11-02T12:12:35+07:00
The Labour First is a one-year communications campaign by Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (PESSI) supported by GIZ’s Labourand Environmental Standards in Pakistan’s Textile Industry (TextILES).


The idea for the campaign came into being through discussion between GIZ and PESSI and hence, is a proof of the shared interests between the two parties. The Labour First campaign is an effort to put the workforce first and to enhance the provision of social security in Punjab.


 The objectives of the campaign are:

  • To create awareness regarding the provision of social security to workers. Currently, around 11,000,000 workers are registered with PESSI and the aim is to create more awareness among employers to register their workers.
  • To create awareness among employers that paying social security is an investment for companies and not a cost, and a healthy workforce is more productive.
  • To create awareness among senior and middle management of various industries regarding the importance of reporting accidents at the workplace.