Textile Printing and Sustainability (TPS) Conference

by GIZ FABRIC last modified 2022-04-22T10:33:30+07:00

Over generations, the textile industry has built the reputation of one of the world’s biggest polluters. Today, it recognises and answers to the call for change. The shift in environmental and social awareness impacts textile markets, business models and production techniques. Print technology has an important role to play here and explores opportunities presented by advances in automatisation and digitalisation. 

The new Textile Printing & Sustainability Conference (TPS) looks at all critical factors and global trends which influence the textile market condition today and in the nearest future: customer-made fashion, responsible businesses, quality concerns, customisation and personalisation… The event assembles industry experts from two main printing processes – screen and inkjet – to promote best practices, discuss new application fields and explain benefits and challenges of individual technology choices. 

With the existing resources and know-how accumulated over thirty years of its service to industrial, functional and specialist printing community, ESMA is confidently looking forward to welcoming you at the inaugural edition of TPS. Together with our partner and industry veteran, Thomas Poetz, we invite you to join this new platform for learning and networking about the disruptive developments in printing on all types of textiles.